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May we suggest a pitcher or glass of home made SANGRIA to accompany your meal.

Appetivos – Appetizers
Sopas – Soups
Pescados y Mariscos – Fish and Shellfish
Carnes – Meats

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Appetivos - Appetizers

Gambas al Ajillo
Shrimp in Garlic Sauce
Coctel de Camarones
Shrimp Cocktail
Champigniones al Horno
Stuffed Mushrooms
Almejas Casino
Baked Stuffed Clams
Almejas en Salsa Verde
Clams in Green Sauce
Almejas Marinera
Clams Marinera
Almejas Natural
Clams on the Half Shell
Mejillones Marinera
Mussels Marinera
Chorizo Espanoles
Grilled Spanish Sausage

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Sopas - Soups

Sopa de Ajo
Garlic Soup
Gazpacho a la Andaluza
The Traditional Cold Soup
from the Andaluzian Region
Sopa Del Dia
Soup of the Day

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Pescados y Mariscos - Fish and Shellfish

*Paella a la Valenciana
Shellfish, chicken, and sausage over saffron rice

*Paella a la Marinera
All types of shellfish over saffron rice

*Mariscada Spain
Shellfish Casserole in red sauce

*Mariscada en Salsa Verde
Shellfish Casserole in green sauce

Gambas a la Ajillo
Shrimp in garlic sauce (Served as a dinner with saffron rice)

Camarones a la Parilla
Jumbo Shrimps in the shell broiled with hot sauce

Camarones Primavera
Shrimps prepared in a tomato, pepper, onion, and mushroom sauce

Camarones en Salsa Verde
Shrimps in green sauce

Camarones Rellenos
Shrimps stuffed with scallops and crabmeat

Camarones Enchilados
Shrimps prepared in a mild hot sauce

Arroz de Camarones
Shrimps cooked with Spanish rice

Vieiras Rellenas
Scallops stuffed with crabmeat

Langosta Cantabrica
Lobster prepared in clam, wine and egg sauce

Langosta al Horno
Lobster stuffed with shrimps and scallops

Langosta Enchillada
Lobster prepared in a hot tomato, pepper and onion sauce

Cola de Langosta
Broiled lobster tail

Ask the waiter for our daily lobster specials - they range from 2lbs. to 6 lbs.

Merluza a la Vasca
A traditional dish from the Basque Region prepared with whiting, clams, and shrimps in a green sauce

Pargo a la Pastelera
Whole red snapper broiled in a butter and lemon sauce

Filetes de Pargo en Salsa de Camarones
Filet of red snapper prepared in a shrimp sauce

Filetes de Lenguado a la Vasca
Filet of sole prepared with shrimps in a green sauce

Salmon a la Parilla
Broiled salmon steak

Salmon al Horno
Broiled stuffed salmon

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Carnes - Meats

Solomillo a la Sevillana
Broiled filet mignon

Solomillo y Cola de Langosta
Surf and Turf

Costilla de Lombo a la "Spain"
Broiled sirloin steak served with a mushroom sauce

Ternera a la Corunesa
Veal cutlets prepared in a sherry and brandy sauce

Ternera a la Francesa
Veal cutlets prepared in a butter and lemon sauce

Ternera Extremena
Veal cutlets sauteed in a pepper and onion sauce

Chuletas de Ternera
Veal chops prepared in a brandy and mushroom sauce

Pollo al Ajillo
Chicken in garlic sauce

Arroz con Pollo
Chicken with Spanish rice

Filetes de Pollo
Chicken cutlets with your choice of garlic, lemon or mushroom sauce

Chuletas de Cerdo al Arriero
Pork chops in garlic sauce

- EXTRA PLATE $3.00 -

Our cocktail bar will prepare any mixed drink that you desire

*Must be ordered for two or more on weekends and holidays

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