Spain Restaurant

419 Market Street
Newark, N.J. 07105
(973) 344-0994
Fax: (973) 344-2669

Postres – Desserts

Flan de Caramelo
Caramel custard
Tarta de Queso
Cheese cake
Tarta de Carrote
Carrot cake
Tarta de chocolate
Chocolate-mousse cake
Tarta al Amaretto
Amaretto cake
Tarta Saint Honore
Saint Honore cake
Sorbetes d’Espana (Limon - Naranja - Pessego)

Sherbets from Spain (Lemon - Orange - Peach)

Café – Coffee

Coffee Tea Expresso Cappuccino
Irish Coffee Spanish Coffee Mexican Coffee Jamaican Coffee

*all of our coffees can be ordered regular or decaffeinated

We proudly recommend

Red – Sangria – White

Sangria: Perfect blending of fresh fruits, aromatic herbs and chilled red or white wine, we also add to it Triple Sec and Brandy. A cooling drink favorite to "Matadores" at the end of a long day.

An extensive wine list is also available at your request.

We hope you have enjoyed your Spanish dining experience and hope to see you soon.

Party menus are available for groups of 15 or more (Excluding Friday and Saturday nights)

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